The 3 top global manufacturers are all here on Sringbalancers. TECNA, AEROMOTIVE & KROMER all available to reduce operator fatigue and allow easy tool handling.

Tecna Balancers

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Tecna balancers are the European market leader. With a range from 1.2kg to 180kg and strokes from 1.6m to 3m, they cover a huge variety of industrial load handling applications.

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Aeromotive Balancers

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Balancers and tool support systems by Aeromotive improve the productivity of light assembly, packaging and many other shop floor workers by keeping their tools out of the way when not needed.

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Kromer Balancers

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Kromer balancers from Carl Stahl are probably the most reliable balancers in the world. Independently tested, they have demonstrated their unmatched longevity.

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